Рассвет возле озера Натрон и вулкана Ол-Доиньо

В коронавирусный период можно здорово повеселить судьбу, планируя, куда же поехать в ближайшем и не очень будущем. Ситуация в мире резко меняется, предсказать введение карантина в очередной стране или же отмену авиарейса становится сложнее чем играть на фондовой бирже и зависит только от удачи и воли случая. Так вышло и у нас с женой. Вместо планируемого путешествия в США мы поехали на Байкал, а вместо Нового Года в Южной Америке, встретили его на теплом берегу Индийского Океана на Занзибаре. Несмотря на столь резкие изменения направлений путешествий, это никак не отразилось на приобретенных новых впечатлениях и эмоциях от увиденного. …

For the variety of multi-platform applications, we are often faced with situations when we need to globally listen to user events outside of the scope of the main window. This task brings extra security risks that’s why mechanisms for its implementation are limited. But limited not means not possible. Despite the fact that we can’t listen for users interactions with a system from a pure browser, we can do it from node applications that are launched from an Electron shell.

The best (and maybe the only for the moment of writing this article) representative of such node applications is ioHook

Hello. I know that this is an old article, but in fact you found by google as the only person with a kind of solution for my task. Unfortunately you repo don't work for me due to build scripts errors, but maybe you can point me to the right direction with my question: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/67291201/use-iohook-node-js-global-native-keyboard-and-mouse-listener-in-browser-context Or, at least tell whether your solution can be applicable to my case. Thank you in advance!

Zoomdata dashboard

Zoomdata offers a rich set of predefined templates and the possibility to build your own visualizations based on defined templates.

Zoomdata provides several ways to get aggregated or plain data form a database, let’s take a look at the details of each of these mechanisms.

Link to working example

Visualization Web Component creation described in: https://medium.com/@DmytroGladkyi/creating-visualization-web-component-a01dbcc5102c

Client configuration

Credentials key can be obtained from the saved dashboard interactive link:

Ievgenii Spitsyn

I turn data into visual stories that reveal their true value. Enthusiastic traveler, visited 34 countries.

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